About Krazy Sandi

Krazy Sandi is a famous DJ and producer that was born in Jakarta, lived for several years in Canada and recently moved to Shenzhen. In the 90s he won the Indonesian DJ Championship 2 times in a row and moved from a local DJ to a worldwide producer and remixer who has sold thousands of records and songs.

Krazy Sandi’s songs were played by DJs from all over the world including world DJ no.1 Armin van Buuren. Krazy Sandi made remixes that were sold on Sony Records, making him one of the most successful DJs from Indonesia.


Krazy sandi has very unique style

Remix Revolution

Revolutionizing the remix scene, Krazy Sandi's remixes have taken the music industry by storm. From chart-topping hits to underground gems, his unique touch adds a new dimension to every track.

Global Recognition

His track "Supra" is on ‎chart #19 at beatport ‎top trance 100 and Armin choose the track as Tune Of The Week at ASOT #517.
"Supra" included on Armada Trance 100 – Best Of 2011.
His track "Insanity" voted by listener arround the world as Future Favourite on asot 461 which also was on Juno charts ‎top trance 5 and backward this track also on Armada Trance 100 – Best of 2010.

Krazy Sandi's journey began with back-to-back victories at the Indonesian DJ Championship in the 90s. This milestone propelled him to international fame, paving the way for his illustrious career.

Blue Soho Recording

As a co-founder of Blue Soho Recording, Krazy Sandi has nurtured a platform for emerging talents. The record label has become a hub for innovative music, showcasing the best of trance and progressive sounds.

person using DJ mixer
person using DJ mixer
Indonesian DJ Championship

Explore the mesmerizing world of Krazy Sandi, the renowned DJ and producer. With a career spanning decades and collaborations with industry giants, his music will transport you to another dimension.

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